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“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” - Abdul Kalam

One statement that kept inspiring me since childhood. Thank you #AbdulKalam for being such a source of inspiration. RIP

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If you are looking for a description of reality based on certainty, your expectations would be shattered.

QuantumMechanics and Life aren’t much different.

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" Technology has given us everything we could ever need and at same time, stolen everything we really need " - Richard Williams

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Naruni lopali parunipai drushti parupaga, Talavanchi kaimodchi sishyudavu neevaithe, Nee aarthi kadaterchu aacharyudavu neeve…

*If you realize the person within you and become his student, then you are your own guru.

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Teeram telisaka, unko darini marchana?
Darulu sari aina, vere teeram cherana?
Nadakalu navena? Nadichedi nenena??

Engish: Have I changed my route, after knowing the destination? or Have I reached wrong destination, despite going on the correct route? Is it my journey? Am I the one walking?

Kudos to lyric writer - Ananth Sriram

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If you want to be a photographer, don’t mind taking numerous bad clicks.

If you want to be a dancer, don’t mind performing some awkward moves.

If you want to be a singer, don’t mind messing up tunes with your voice.

If you want to be a programmer, don’t mind throwing thousands of errors.

If you want to be a cricketer, don’t mind numerous misfields and mishits.

What ever profession you choose, who ever the expert you take, they all were once amature, made thousands of silly mistakes. It took years of practice and constant efforts, to make them experts.

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Society always tries to define stereotypes and have constraints on one’s looks. May it be dark/fair tones, thick/thin body types, facial hairs, (there is even a useless book, that judge people’s character based on eyebrow lining).

Well, growing a beard some how forces me to think beyond stereotypes, look into people’s hearts.

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The idea of hiding untill you get perfect is a fool’s game. Put yourself out there, start, practice it out loud, then you get feedback and you grow.