Interaction · Jan 28, 2015 · Permalink · 1min read

Interaction with a stranger, X, who traveled more than 25 major cities all over world.

Me : You seem to travel a lot. so what’s one thing you enjoy in your journeys?

X : You know, people always wear masks. At home, at school, at work… That’s nothing wrong, as they have a story and a reason behind it. But it is only during journeys, you get to see their true selfless faces.

Me : So deep!! btw, I kept a similar post in my facebook recently (Showing him one of my profile pics)

X : Well then, we both might have copied from the same source.

Interaction · Jan 17, 2015 · Permalink · 1min read

Interaction with a stranger, after party.

Me : You dance awesome!! I loved it.

She : Oh!! thank you. (Whispering) You know what, I’m a movie star.

Me : Really? I don’t think so.

She : In my world, I am. Don’t I?

Me : (smiling) yeah you are, in my world too. And I’m your first fan. :D

She : awww


Interaction · Nov 6, 2014 · Permalink · 1min read

Encounter with an young old man X in the bus today morning.

Me : hi, good morning!

X : hi, are you wishing me good morning or just saying that it’s a good morning?

Me : wishing… Hey, isn’t that Gandalf’s dialogue from Lord of the rings??

X ( smiling ) : yeah. You watch lengthy movies but lazy enough to wish properly.

Me ( smiling ) facepalm : okay! Have a Good Morning. :)

X : Thank you. You too.