Interaction · Dec 17, 2019 · 1min read

Would you be incredibly stupid, but lucky or incredibly genius, but unlucky?

Interaction with 3 kids that my wife was babysitting. They were watching some random game reviewer’s video, where he was asking different ‘what would you choose?’ questions and showing polls of what other people chose afterwards.

One of the question is “Would you be incredibly stupid, but lucky or be incredibly genius, but unlucky?”

Kid 1: What question is that, of course I would choose genius.

Kid 2: Yeah me too. [After a pause] but being lucky is lucky. I would prefer to be lucky.

Kid 1: No. But that makes you stupid. No body wants to be stupid. I would choose genius and unlucky

Kid 2: What would you do being genius it is of no use to you.




Me: Kids, you are both right, but you are missing other factors such as hard work and planning. It doesn’t matter whether you are genius or lucky, unless you put in effort you can’t succeed.

Kid 3 [came running to me]: His time of choosing video is over. It’s my turn , can I choose the next video.

They soon moved on to watching next video, but I am still stuck with that question.

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