Interaction · Dec 19, 2018 · 1min read

I was talking to a 5 yr old girl, X and asked her to tell a story, while she is sketching

X - Drew 3 figures on a paper, started speaking, pointing to them :

This is a princess, and this is her mean step mom. She used to trouble princess. This is prince. They both killed their mean step mom and lived happily.

Me : Oh that’s good. Can you tell another one.

X - Again drew 3 more figures : This is the princess, and this is an ugly monster. Monster attacked princess. Then prince came and saved her, and killed the monster.

Me : Well, another one.

X - Drew 3 more figures : This is the princess, you see her big gown. This is the bad guy. Prince came and fights the bad guy and saved the princess.

As cute as she said it, it is equally frightening. This is not how children should be influenced.

To all young girls - There will be no prince charming, coming to your rescue. You have to fight your own battles.

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