Interaction · Nov 23, 2017 · 2min read

Wrong type of Audience!

This interaction has got me thinking for a long time, and would like to know more of your thoughts on this.

Me: So what do you think is the problem with helpful articles, inspirations or advices on social media.

X: There is no problem with those articles, but the problem is with such articles reaching wrong audience. and people being inspired from sources that are not relevant to them. For example, advice needed for baby boomers is different than that of millennials. Posts related to an established tycoon are different from a teenager.

A person responsible for multi million corporation taking advice on budget/ organizational structure from a nobody on snapchat or youtube is a problem. …

*After thinking about this statement for a while, here’s my take on this.

Imagine a coach training a group of students to run a marathon, that needs a steady pace. Imagine one of those students is running extremely fast, burning out himself and another student is just casually walking. Now, what happens if the coach shouts just ‘Go Slow’, and the person that’s casually walking follows that advice? or the coach shouts ‘Run Faster’ and person that already running fast take that advice? It is the same with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, or any other social media. *

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