Interaction · Oct 26, 2017 · 2min read

Prive is what we pay, value is what we get

I don’t usually get offended or irritated, but interactions like these, make me feel uncomfortable.

As you might already know, we are establishing a web-development firm and is currently looking for more projects. Met X, who is opening a new shop and called me to discuss his branding and development needs.

After a lengthy discussion on how we can improve his shop’s digital footprint.

X: So, how much would you charge?

Me: Well, I can’t say right away, need to analyze more, but for similar services, we are charging $***** for another client. (Wouldn’t reveal the price but it is in thousands)

X: Are you kidding? I can get it in Squarespace or Wix for less than a 100 bucks.

Me: well then, please go with it. (Stood up and started leaving.)

X: Wait! You still haven’t answered me for your price difference.

Me: I would like to remind a couple of things here

  • Web Development doesn’t mean just including a theme. It includes customization, SEO, SMO, Deployment/Hosting, Security, testing, content-entry, …
  • ‎Our discussion is not just development, but also branding and marketing which includes a lot more like the logo, lead generation strategies, content…

X: Well I can get them done for much cheaper prices on freelancer or fiverr. Looks like you are expecting way too profit margins.

Me: Imagine you have a medical problem. You can do your own research on the internet and use a house-therapy suggested by someone on Quora or go to a pharmacist, tell him your symptoms and let them give a generic medicine. But you would instead go to a doctor who does a thorough diagnosis, sometimes the problem is not what you thought it was, might refer you to a specialist if needed, treat as necessary, support you until you get healthy.

This is the same. It is your decision if you want to do your own diagnosis or consult a doctor but please don’t compare them.

X: Looks like you have got offended. All I am saying is you don’t have to spend or invest much, why charge …. money then?

Me: We do. We invest time, expertise and skills.

These kinds of interactions we all face every day, across multiple fields. As freelancers, recruiters, artists, photographers, models, copy-writers, mentors, … Thing is we don’t mind doing it for free for our friends or non-profit causes, but if you are adding value to your product/business, with our services, we do expect to get paid for the value we add.

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