Interaction · Sep 30, 2017 · 1min read

Met this amazing person, Mr. X at a conference, who turned his side hustle into his career recently.

Me: Any tips on transitioning a hobby into business?

X: Yes. But first of all, know the difference between a hobby and side project.

Me: ??

X: Hobby is something you are passionate about and do it for yourself. Side project is something you are passionate about, but do it for community, people, the world. Side projects can be made into business, because you are contributing where as hobby is just meant to be a hobby.

Me: Still confusing, could you give an example.

X: Yes. If you collect currency, because you want to have huge collection of them, it’s an hobby. If you are passionate about educating people about various currencies, and started collecting them so you can demonstrate, that would be a side project which could be turned into a career.

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